Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter ride!

Everyone was sans urchins today, so we decided to go for a ride.

We decided on Montgomery County Agricultural Park so we packed a lunch, loaded up the horses and headed off to the park.

When we started tacking up we realized we were short a girth, specifically Bill's western girth. It was either drive back home and get the girth (an hour round trip) or not ride. Bill decided rather than not ride at all, he would 'cowboy up' and ride in the spare english saddle we had. Here is the proof of the one and probably only time he will ride in one of those!

Other than getting the stirrup lengths correct, it wasn't too bad, and he adjusted his stirrups on the fly!

Yes, that IS Mythril he is riding!

Steph, Mike and Steve..ever notice how most of my photos are of butts?

Steph and Mike on Bubba and Q

Steve on Austin.

For a couple of reasons we had to cut the ride short, but we had a good time after the ride, sandwiches, beer, and good conversation.