Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mud is the fifth season.

Once the worst winter weather is over, when you start to dream about warm spring days and have hopes of an early spring is when the season begins you never hear about until you have horses.

Mud Season.

This is the season where it's still cold and miserable, you may have wet snow, freezing rain, and every inch of ground your horses have access to has been turned into a slimy disgusting mass of muck.

Don't let those innocent faces fool you. They will stomp back and forth through puddles until it is a knee deep boot stealing morass of doom.

Some treat it like makeup, smearing it on faces and cheeks. (Symphony is hiding so you can't see her mud mask)

Others delight in rolling and plastering themselves with this mud into a shellacked shell that defies the toughest curry. Black is just as bad as white. That dirt shows up very well against a dark coat, and there is no hiding the dust, every spec shows.

There are two things you can do:

A. Blanket them, so that at least the part where the saddle goes doesn't have to be chiseled free.

B. Buy a dirt colored horse. I like B best.