Thursday, March 19, 2009

This just in..

And I had to blog about it. This article by John Holland was passed on to me through a couple of rescue lists. Before you pro slaughter groups start rolling your eyes, and priming your keyboards to 'counter attack.' Lets just look at a couple of facts this article presents.

"..the New Holland auction in Pennsylvania is one of the largest slaughter auctions in the country. In October of 2008, they sold a total of 815 slaughter grade horses at an average price of $323, but despite rapidly worsening economic conditions, by February that number had dropped by 28% to 582 horses and the average price had risen by 31.6% to $425. It is largely the same story at auctions across the country."

So where are all these unwanted horses? According to the Slaughter advocates, we should be inundated with them. They should be filling up the pens at NH, should be loaded in empty trailers and left because they are not getting bids.

But the FACTS say numbers are down, and prices are up. How ya gonna spin that?

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