Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Shadow, part 4

We stopped every other hour, but I was afraid to unload the horses, I didn't think they could get back in the trailer. Both were leaning against the sides. Neither would eat or drink. Finally, at 1 am, we pulled into the barn in MD. They had made it. Both staggered out of the trailer. I put them in a paddock, with water and hay. I was afraid to give them anything else without first having the vet look at them.

I had told my vet what I was doing, and she came out the next morning at first light. The news was not good. Shadow wasn't eating, she just stood in a corner. It was like she had made it until I got there, but was at the end of her strength. The vet said she was in the early stages of organ failure. We ran tests on both, the filly was in a bit better shape, but was undersized, and had liver damage from worms.

These photos were taken the next day. Notice you can see not just the ribs, but gaps between the ribs. Backbone, hip bones, and all of this with long wormy fur. Shadow especially seemed to be depressed. Not caring about food, water, anything.

Notice the hollows above both their eyes, they have even lost the suborbital fat (if the baby ever had any)

Shadow would eat a bit if you hand fed her. and seemed to relax if you brushed, or just petted her. The filly wanted nothing to do with me or anyone after the trailering and vet visit. I had told some acquaintances what I was doing, and they volunteered to come help. We had shifts of people there every hour, brushing and feeding the two horses small bits of food according to what the vet recommended. For two weeks we did this.


Gryph said...

Poor Shadow. Hope you were able to sue those asshats.

HorseOfCourse said...

What a story. I am sitting here with tears in my eyes, and can just imagine your feelings when seeing her. The anxiety when driving her home.
Please continue, and tell us how it went.