Saturday, September 4, 2010

Pony rides!

Today we were invited to a potluck picnic for a young Marine home from his first deployment. Everyone brought their specialty dish, and there was a pig picking! Yum!

We decided to bring ponies. The picnic was on the farm where we board our horses, so it was easy. Just saddle them up, and load on the kids. We decided to use Shadow, who has been rather depressed in her forced retirement, and Paladin because we knew they would be the best behaved.

Here is Bill with Paladin and two of his 'riders'. Both horses were popular with the kids, but Paladin won because he was the calm gentleman while Shadow decided that retired or not she still had all her spirit. It was all we could do to keep her at a walk! She was so excited to be doing something. I guess I will have to start working her a little bit, she is just too bored sitting in the pasture. I also think it is hard for her to see me riding the other horses and taking them places.

Shadow's spirit is not matched in her legs though, and after a while, she was starting to limp, and was hurting, so we stopped. We did rides for about 2 hours though, so she did pretty well for a crotchety old girl!

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