Wednesday, June 18, 2008

But wait, there's more..

Ok, so you have decided on the place, you are ready to go, but before you leave the barn pick up some essentials. First, bring water. Many horses will not drink water from streams, and you shouldn't count on there being good drinking water available. Bring water from home (rinsed out cat litter containers work great!) and a bucket! Bring extra. You never know how much they will want to drink, and you may want to rinse them off after the ride, or have an injury to clean out, etc. Bring water for yourself, even in winter you can get dehydrated. Bring fly spray. doesn't matter where you ride, you will need it. I would suggest spraying it on yourself as well, flies and ticks aren't picky. I also bring fly bonnets for the ears, and soak them with fly spray before putting them on. Nothing more miserable for your horse than flies biting their ears. Make sure you have all your tack, and it is appropriate. You may want a thicker saddle blanket, to reduce the chance of soreing. Does your saddle slip easily? think about a breast collar. No fun trotting up a hill and sliding back to your horses tail. Bring extras, just in case. Extra halter, lead line, bridle. Things can break at the worst time. Bring a first aid kit, for human and horse. Bring a muck bucket and fork. You should never clean out your trailer in a parking lot. Bring bribes. Apples, carrots, grain, whatever. You may have to catch a horse that just broke that 'unbreakable' lead line, or convince your horse to get in the trailer to go home, etc. Don't forget tail ribbons for appropriate personalities, red for horses that kick, yellow for stallions, plaid for the unbearably fashionable.

You're ready to ride!

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