Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Picture this scenario: A rural neighborhood of small farms. Just about everyone has 10-15 acres with horses in fences. A dead end road with a private gravel drive, horses in pastures on each side. What in this scenario says "Drive onto this private property with your dog or kids, and go in the pasture with the horses?"

We had a lady pull in the driveway, park next to the barn and get out with her dog. She ducked under the electrified high tensile fence with her dog and was walking around. (how she did that without getting shocked I don't know) The land owner saw her, went down to the barn, and asked her what she was doing. She replied "I wanted my dog to meet the horses." She was informed this was private property and told to leave, but really, WHAT WAS SHE THINKING? Hasn't everyone seen that You Tube where the guy gets kicked by the horse (and dies, by the way)?? Surely she is aware some dogs chase and bite other dogs, wouldn't that be a whole lot worse if a 1200 pound horse decides to do it?

A month ago our Morgan mare produced a colt. Granted, he is a stunning little man, solid black, and convinced he is the lord of all creation, but that birth did not turn us into a free petting zoo. The typical example: minivan full of moms and kids pull up. Kids pile out of the van, run to the gate and start climbing. Moms sit chatting in the van and ignoring what the little flip flop clad darlings are doing. Never mind that horses, and especially foals bite, and can sever little fingers without effort. Never mind they can step on toes and break or remove them. Never mind mother horses are just as protective as other mothers and may kick without any warning. Never mind this is private property, way off any main roads and NO ONE INVITED YOU THERE! Why in heavens name would you EVER take your kids and let them run around in a strange place without getting out to watch them?? What kind of mother of the year award do you get for letting you kid run up to a strange 1200 pound animal, with teeth and hooves? What about snakes, wasps, rusty wire, stray dogs? Do you think at 4 or 5 they are ready to start 'taking care of themselves?'

My son grew up on a farm, knows all about those dangers, and STILL I would never allow him to go some place and take off without me watching him. Just how stupid are these people?


SquirrelGurl said...

Oh man are people BOLD!

We were at a trail ride once, our horses were tied to the trailer napping and this lady just walks up and tosses her kid up on the back on our stud horse so "he can ride a horsie." Didn't ask or anything.

She's lucky, he's a low key guy who would rather sleep than fuss. But seriously, tossing your kid on an unknown horse that is tied to a trailer and sleeping without asking?!

Another pet peeve of mine is people petting horses without asking... they don't know if they'll bite and sometimes if you walk up to my mare too quick she'll spook and pull back... not a safe situation.

Shadow Rider said...

Yep. I can't imagine how people can go through life in todays internet and tv ruled world without getting the clue big animals can hurt you.

Maximus said...

ugh, we are going through this now at our stable. People assume because it's on a military installation that that means they have every right to do whatever to our horses (never mind the fact that hello, we lease the land so it's private property, and the HORSES are private property!) I shudder to think what happens at night when no one is there.

Shadow Rider said...

That's when electric fences are your friends. ;-)
I'd run a line around the top everywhere, and across all the gates.

Which military base? I've been at the stables at Barksdale, and Ft Gordon. I heard they are closing the stables in San Diego.

Maximus said...

No can do on the electric, unfortunately, though I would get a huge kick out of seeing some of those dummies get shocked. Stables are on Fort Irwin.

mugwump said...

State Fair.ARGH! People try to feed horses fried twinkies, candy corn, whatever. Get in the stalls...Follow you into the show pen!!!!
Or this one...
"Please don't tickle my horses ears, you're upsetting him."
"Oh, that's how we pet horses."
As they continued to drive my sweet gelding to distraction.

Shadow Rider said...

Maximus, what about a llama or goat? they tend to go after intruders of all kinds, and the non-initiated wouldn't know how to handle them. I can just imagine someone sneaking through the pasture at night, whump! the goat rams into them. Or the llama spits on them.

Mugwump, I used to put up barriers of hay bales in front of my stall, so they couldn't get to my horses without a climb. But, as a former pres of a riding club, public relations ARE important..even if you have to explain 50 times in a day why cotton candy isn't good for horses.