Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Spa treatment...

It was over 100 degrees today, and while the horses spent most of the day in the barn or in the trees, they were still sweated and sticky when I got to the barn after work.

After dinner, I took each of them and gave them a shower massage treatment. Most enjoyed it, but Roheryn, being a good Texas girl said "water was for drinkin, not getting sprayed on!" So we had to do a little work on getting used to the shower. Eventually she relaxed and enjoyed it, even playing with the hose and drinking.

Afterwards, and much cooler and cleaner, everyone spread out to graze. (as you can tell they never get any dinner...)

Shadow looking sleek and fat.

But then she had to roll..

Symphony, Oreo and Roheryn graze.

Hey, what are you doing?

Got treats?? How about scritches then?

Symphony cruises by.

Roheryn says what's that in your hand?

Are you sure I can't chew on it?

Notice her mixed mane, she is a sabino roan buckskin with sooty factor.

Oreo is not happy with being ignored!

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